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Welcome to GOGO Padlocks
The biggest range of padlocks at the best prices

Padlocks are a portable way of providing security against theft and vandalism and are designed to reduce the effects of forced entry.

At GOGO Padlocks, we take security very seriously, that's why we stock the biggest range of padlocks from the biggest brands including Abus, Faithfull and Henry Squires.

GOGO Padlocks have something for everyday use, and padlocks for specific use, you'll find Keyed Alike Padlocks, Master Keyed Padlocks, Combination Padlocks, Weatherproof Padlocks, High Security Padlocks, Discus Padlocks, Brass, Steel and Aluminium Padlocks, Laminated padlocks and accessories to go with your lock to provide complete security.

Padlocks have been around since the Roman period, used by Merchants travelling through Asia and Europe. Over time and with the advancement of technology padlocks have become stronger, and simpler to use.

  • In the UK, every 37 seconds somewhere is burgled.
  • Every year there are over 1 million burglaries and attempted burglaries.
  • 20% of households experience more than one incident a year. 13% are burgled twice and 7% three times
  • Between 1981 and 1993 burglary increased by 137%. The introduction of security systems during the 90's proved a decline. Since 2002 it has risen by 5% a year and aggravated burglary, whilst the occupants are still at home rose by 14%.
  • 20% of burglaries don't have to use force to get in, they can get through an open door or window.


As you can see statistics such as these are worrying, so choosing to secure places such as your shed or garage, or lock up with a high quality padlock from GOGO, will help reduce the effects of forced entry. If you have anything of value, even in the smallest box under your bed, protect it with a GOGO Padlock for peace of mind.


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